One West Construction prides itself in its reputation and commitment to involve your organizations representatives in the process of facility design and construction. Our approach is based on the philosophy that construction should be tailored to meet the needs of the organization; and the facilities design should reflect the commitment to that purpose.  With that in mind, we will not dictate design or construction features.  Rather, we will advise your representatives on design choices, construction materials, and other plans, trusting the Board to make its own determinations based on the best interest of the school and budget realities.

This process begins by engaging in conversation’s with assigned Board Members, personnel, and with the architect and engineer designing the building.  This designated group will provide key objectives and priorities they wish to see reflected in the final design and within the agreed upon square footage and budget.  Once the school approves and signs off on their final floor plan, the exterior elevations and site plans will follow.

We also coordinate with your organization in obtaining site plan approval from local municipalities prior to commencing construction, as needed.  In this vein, it has been our experience to begin this process immediately to establish positive working relations with staff and to assure a smooth, comprehensive approval process.

During construction, One West works closely with the design team and local inspectors to ensure constructability of the project meets the intent of the design as set forth in the construction documents.  One West Construction also performs several quality control inspections, in addition to engaging competent Project Managers and Superintendents to manage and inspect the project on a daily basis. In addition to complying with State and City requirements, these inspections are also meant to protect One West’s reputation for excellence that has been established in previous projects.