The right team.  The right process.  The right expertise.
One West Construction prides itself in its reputation and commitment to involve your organizations representatives in the process of facility design and construction. Our approach is based on the philosophy that construction should be tailored to meet the needs of the organization; and the facilities design should reflect the commitment to that purpose.  With that in mind, we will not dictate design or construction features.  Rather, we will advise your representatives on design choices, construction materials, and other plans.


One West has never delivered a project late.
Recognizing that each project is subject to the constraints of the municipal approval process, One West can tout successful navigation of plan review and timely approval in over twenty different municipalities in Utah and Idaho. 


Functional design that conveys quality and confidence.
From concept to delivery, One West has a proven track record of assembling like-minded professionals who are recognized in their areas of expertise.  Our design-build team works together to tackle complex projects. Designers and builders work together to understand how to make different components of a complex project come together in a seamless manner.


One West Construction stands by its work.
Quality is best achieved by having the right team members in place and by utilizing One West’s established quality control processes.  One West is vigilant in monitoring subcontractor quality of work. We ensure all general inspections and third party special inspections are happening and effectively coordinated throughout our projects.



One West Construction is one of the top construction companies in Utah, providing the most experienced charter school construction in the state along with its history of commercial and industrial construction. One West Construction has a unique process to create a top notch facility by working side-by-side with your team from design to final product.